(day 16): a day with friends

A day that didn't go according to plan, and ended up being a day that was full of spontaneous fun and joy.

(day 16): a day with friends
Photo by Woody Kelly on Unsplash

Today turned out to be a lovely day, which didn't go according to plan, as expected.

KrA was out with D all morning, and I had a good four hours to myself, which I had initially planned to spend writing.

The morning got off to a slow start, however, and I even indulged in a mid-morning nap, having had some strange nightmare towards the end of last night, a nightmare in which I was escaping from a war zone and also looking up ex-crushes in a bizarre clash of scenarios!

So I was quite foggy-headed in the morning, and even coffee couldn't help clear that, so I indulged in a nap, then cooked lunch, played the piano for a bit, and read a bit of Thirst No. 4 by Christopher Pike. I have no words to express how much I love this series! Pike's stories have made fall in love with Krishna all over again!

We had planned to spend the afternoon with friends and what we had initially thought would be a 2-hour affair at most ended up being an entire afternoon and evening together filled with lots of play and laughter and ice-cream and orange juice and a trip to an awesome Indian restaurant we didn't know existed in Burlington!

Back home now, both KrA and D are fast asleep, and I am typing these words simply to record what a wonderful day it has been and also to keep this daily streak of writing a blog post a day going on until the end of the writing challenge.

I understand now why we need to feel whole within ourselves before our friendships can truly blossom.

It is only when we are whole and complete within ourselves that we don't enter into dysfunctional relationships or have unrealistic expectations of other people and can allow for a lot of spaciousness and warm open-heartedness in our friendships, which would make our friend cherish this relationship with us even more.

Today was also a day of not writing fiction even though I had planned to. Earlier I'd have fretted about having missed a day of writing fiction. But now, even though I didn't get to the manuscript today, I am not worried. I will get there tomorrow morning when D has left for school, and even if I have a rusty start to begin with, I can keep at it.

That's the difference this time around. When I look at a career in writing fiction spanning 30–40 years, one missed day does not make a difference. It was a day spent living and enjoying time with D and KrA and friends, and what can be sweeter than that!