Tales for Dreamers

Tales for Dreamers
Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

More than a decade ago, inspired by the writings of Neil Gaiman and Erin Morgenstern, especially her flax-golden tales, I began to write and share short fantasy fiction tales, each paired with an image.

These tales have proved to be an endless source of delight for many readers. There were a few hundred tales at last count, several not yet published, and I keep writing and adding more to the list.

You can indulge in these tales by signing up for a paid weekly subscription to Tales for Dreamers to receive a short whimsical tale, coupled with an image, in your inbox every Thursday night (ET). All tales are archived here and can be accessed when you subscribe.

A free four-week trial will give you a taste of how magical it can be to receive a bundle of whimsy and wonder in your inbox at the same time every week. This is my offering to you – a glow in the dark to light up your soul.

You can read some of the popular tales now without a subscription.

I promise I will only send you delightful dreams and wondrous whimsies. Impossible illusions and fleeting fantasies. Straight from The Dream Pedlar’s emporium into your mailbox! Occasionally, I may send you innocuous nightmares. All in good fun!