All my books are available on various commercial retailer websites in ebook format. Many are available in paperback too. A handy list of all my published works alongwith their gorgeous covers and where you can purchase them is right below.

The Mind Meddler

(March 2023, Ebook & Paperback)

All it takes to seal your fate is a single thought. The Mind Meddler will sneak it into your mind when you aren’t looking.

True to his name, the Mind Meddler messes with people’s minds. He plants a single innocuous thought in his victim’s mind, then steps back and watches as it slowly ensnares and destroys them.

The ghost-girl has the gift of pure sight. She sees nothing but the truth. The objective, unadulterated truth. Without judgement or deliberation. Thoughts do not trouble her.

The Mind Meddler has never met anybody like the ghost-girl in his entire existence. Her uncanny ability is a challenge he cannot resist …

This speculative fiction tale by Anitha Krishnan secured an Honourable Mention in the L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest for the 2nd Quarter (January—March) 2022.

Erased from Existence

(July 2022, Ebook & Paperback)

A lavender farm in summer. A fifteen-year-old girl who loves the colours of sunset. A handsome stranger who begs her to run away with him.

It could have been a love story. Except, it is not that kind of a story.

When a strange man approaches Rebecca Classion outside her farmhouse in the dead of the night and begs her to not go back inside, she does what any sensible fifteen-year-old would do. She runs straight back into the safety of home and slams the door shut behind her.

Only, it turns out to be the worst decision of her life.

From that day on, Rebecca Classion fades away. From the memories of all who once knew and loved her. From the perception of everyone she encounters.

Not a trace of her persists for more than a fleeting instant. Not her voice. Not a footprint.

All she yearns for is to exist again in the world of her loved ones.

But oblivion may be the only safe place. After all, to be seen is to be exposed. And some truths are better left hidden.

A Benevolent Goddess

(April 2022, Ebook, Paperback & Auto-narrated Audiobook)

Countless gods you pray to. Only one answers. It will cost her dearly.

In a land where gods have long mastered the art of ignoring the prayers of human beings, a new goddess arrives. She desires nothing more than to help those who call out in faith.

But every choice, no matter how noble, comes with its own consequences. Even the benevolent goddess will have to pay a steep price if she chooses to follow her heart’s desire.

Hello, Dreamer!

(September 2021, Ebook & Paperback)

Dreams for one,

dreams for all,

some dreams to last all day,

some for when the night falls.

Written during my sojourns in Canada and Australia, Hello, Dreamer! is an eclectic collection of 100 short poems encompassing musings on the Universe and its mysteries, nature and human life, my secret longings and fears, love and heartbreak, the sun and the moon, the stars and the seas, light and shadow, and joy and nostalgia.

Read them all in one sitting.

Or read them one a day, savouring each like a tidbit.

There's much in here to spark joy and light up your soul.

Dying Wishes

(March 2021, Ebook & Paperback)

When I was seven, my mother died. I struck a bargain with the Gods to bring her back to life.

For thirteen years now, I have served as a Harbinger of Death, coaxing dying wishes out of mortals so that the God of Death may grant them moksha, liberation from the cycles of birth and death.

The man about to die this evening claims he has nothing to offer me. He is dying a content man, a rarity in our world.

But when the God of Death arrives to lead his soul away, the man changes his mind about dying and flees, planting on me something that is not quite a dying wish.

I only know I cannot trust any God with this secret. And that I'll pay an unbearable price for this concealment.

Set in Burlington, Ontario, this contemporary fantasy novel weaves Hindu mythology and South Indian folklore into a quest for belonging across different worlds – the World of Mortals and the World of Gods, India and Canada, the past and the present, the world outside and the one within.

It is an offering to lovers of whimsical worlds and heartbreaking prose, and to anyone yearning to simply belong.

In Search of Leo

(January 2018, Ebook)

This is the story of a girl named Heidi who thinks her golden retriever Leo has run off into the woods, and she sets out in search of him.

She meets a bunch of fantastic characters who seem intent on keeping Leo’s whereabouts a mystery but, at the same time, reveal to Heidi more about herself than about Leo.

Where will her journey lead her? To Leo? Or to some other unexpected destination?