feeling all grown-up and writerly, and also wise

Some wonderful writerly news!

feeling all grown-up and writerly, and also wise
Photo by Andre Benz on Unsplash

The Universe has been showering blessings on me today!

First, the lovely folks at Kobo have published an interview with me over on the KWL blog!

Rakuten Kobo Emerging Writer Prize 2023: KWL Author Spotlight on Anitha Krishnan - Kobo Writing Life
Anitha Krishnan on her expansive novel featuring “whimsical worlds and heartbreaking prose,” Dying Wishes, shortlisted for the 2023 Rakuten Kobo Emerging Writer Prize. When I was seven, my mother died. I struck a bargain with the Gods to bring her back to life. For thirteen years now, I have served…

I shared this news with dear friend, Helen, who promptly offered to share it on her FB platform! Her offer was such a pleasant surprise because for the first time today, I regretted not being on social media, because otherwise I would have shouted this news from all the rooftops on all the platforms!

Helen read my thoughts and without me having to ask her for anything, she asked me if she could share it.

Thank you, dearest friend, for being such a big supporter and believer in my stories! Thank you for coming into my life! ❤️

And then, I got to chat with my parents at leisure about random things, something I hadn't done in a long, long time.

I've been mulling a little more along the lines of yesterday's post. And I think I finally understand what it means to leave the past behind, and to take responsibility for the present and the future.

But my eyelids are drooping, and I'm already snug and warm under the sheets, so I'm going to call it a day. And I'll come back here tomorrow to write what it means to make choices in life and face the consequence of the choices we make. 💕