happy birthday to D!

D turns 7 today! ❤️

happy birthday to D!
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

D turns 7 today!

What a roller-coaster ride parenting has been these past seven years! An inward journey unlike any other.

His birthdays gone by have been bittersweet for me, constant reminders of an early childhood slipping away and permanently out of grasp.

This year, it's only a cause for celebration.

Life is relentlessly changing. Instead of looking back on what's slipping away, I'm more eager now than ever before to look around and embrace what's here, and look forward and be open to all that is yet to come.

D is growing and navigating life. KrA and I are delighted to support him while trying hard to not let our egoes and our fears and biases get in the way. It is a daily exercise in patience and consciousness, and it's only now that I've come to see how these experiences have been invaluable for my own growth.

Thank you, D, for coming into my life and changing my world! ❤️

On this special day, I wish for you to always remember how amazing and wonderful you are!