September Surprises: Monthly Missives from The Dream Pedlar

September Surprises: Monthly Missives from The Dream Pedlar
Lake Ontario at Paletta

Hello, Dreamer!

Last month I was holding my breath in anticipation of life turning upside down once more: seasons changing, schools reopening, time giving of itself to me in copious amounts for my creative pursuits once again.

But when I let go of that breath I had been holding, hoping to find acceptance and relief on the other side of the big transition, I first found frenzy and unease instead.

The house was too neat and quiet, the days began to fall into too predictable and monotonous a routine of drop-offs and pick-ups, and I missed D with the agony with which one misses a cherished friend after having lived through a long adventure together. And now that I was faced with the task of sitting down and planning out my projects for the next few months, it felt like I was floundering in unfamiliar territory once more.

I was going through the website with plans for sprucing it up ahead of a new project I'm tinkering with (I'll tell you more about it below in Tales for Dreamers) and I came across what my past self had written on the 'About' page.

In these past few years of writing and parenting, I've come to find, over and over again, that when I remain in the present moment without being dragged towards the past (best forgotten but thoroughly rehashed in my mind) or the future (just as exciting or nerve-wracking as I imagine it would be), magic truly happens.
Just like everything else in life, writing and parenting are then no longer filled with strife and doubt and anxiety. Instead, everything becomes effortless and immensely joyful.