January Joys: Monthly Missives from The Dream Pedlar

An inquiry into the nature of our utter and undeniable ordinariness even as we pursue extraordinary dreams

January Joys: Monthly Missives from The Dream Pedlar

Hello, Dreamer!

I'm especially excited to write to you this month because I've just crossed a milestone in my brief publishing life. It's been exactly five years since I published my first book, a fantasy novella titled In Search of Leo.

To mark the occasion, I wanted to give the book a bit of an update now that I have access to fancy editing and formatting tools that I didn't have at my disposal five years ago.

That task was taking way longer than I had anticipated, and so instead of spending more time on getting it done, I went and wrote an entire post on that.

pondering the mystery of time: why tasks take longer than they need to
What if the single most important thing that keeps us from getting to our most important tasks is nothing and no one else ... but ourselves?

But what I really want to share today is something I wouldn't have confessed to myself even a year ago. It's truly embarassing to admit and it's something I've come to see only in hindsight, and now I can look back at it and chuckle and shake my head and pretend I am much wiser now.

So, here goes!