tales for D

tales for D

In times of chaos, we turn to what is familiar and assuring. So I am back here now, for the first time this year, for the first time in almost a year, back to my familiar haunts.

Some day I will write a story explaining everything. For now, I will leave you with a prophecy.

Every Sunday morning (hopefully at around 9 AM EST), I will post a whimsy. (I make no promises as to how long I will do this for. But for now, I will post.)

A picture and a story (ten sentences, more or less).

Of the kind you’ve seen on the site many, many times. In the guise of ‘tricks from my hat’, and later ‘tales for demesne’. And since this is a new beginning, let’s give it a new name too. ‘Tales for D’.

D for ‘demesne’, the online moniker of KrA, that blessed soul who’s been with me all these years through so much and more.
D for the one and only D. There is no magic more magnificent and miraculous than these two marvels in my life.
D for Dream Pedlar. A name I’ve held on to dearly for almost a decade.
D for dreams.
D for desires.
D for destiny.
D for divinity.
D for dimanche (Sunday, that is why! To make this a truly 4D endeavour!)
D for dieu (God).
And lest we forget, D for the devil, le diable.