tales for dreamers: a glimpse into the future

I've seen what the future holds for you. Would you like me to tell you all about it?

tales for dreamers: a glimpse into the future

Later today you will set aside a moment to begin taking stock of your life. All your pain, real and imagined. All your hopes, lost and never found. Relationships that strolled out the window and threw themselves over the edge. The troubling ones that lingered.

No, say not to me you do not have your fair share of loss, else you wouldn't be here now seeking a counsel and a cure.

This evening you will sever a relationship. Which one, I am unable to see, as you are yet to make up your mind. A walk in the moonlight will give you the courage you need tonight.

Tomorrow, as you sip your morning tea, swirling it in your mouth, feeling and tasting the brew like you've never done before, daybreak will begin to dispel the illusions of the night. What seemed courageous at night will appear foolhardy in the morning. And the first strand of doubt will begin to creep into your mind.

This weekend, you will go over the same ground several times. Did you or did you not do the right thing? The questions never changing even when phrased differently. The answers, always the same.

But time tends to quell doubts, so by next week you will have convinced yourself this was how things were meant to be, and that you had no other choice.

In a month's time you will have forgotten most things. About him. About yourself. Life will see to that.

Until someday you bump into each other again, perhaps on the sidewalk, or in a dream or a nightmare. Some scars run deep. And the memories will come flooding back. The crinkles around his eyes. The melody of his voice. His laughter. The way you twirled your fingers in his hair. How his breath mingled with yours to create a flurry of lovers' air.

And you will come back full circle, setting aside a moment to take stock of your life again.

And the next time you seek a counsel and a cure, you will pick a better date to approach me. And I will foretell happier endings.