tales for dreamers: a place for darkness to hide

In this world of bright lights, even darkness needs a place for itself. But where could it possibly go?

tales for dreamers: a place for darkness to hide
tales for dreamers: a place for darkness to hide

There’s too much light everywhere these days.

Even though the days have shrunk and the sun can barely lift itself up from the horizon. And on the rare occasion it manages to, it is content to remain hidden behind a sky that seems to have turned permanently grey.

And so even though the days are grey and the nights are long, there is no dearth of light.

Streetlights stand tall and proud like the sun, casting bright pools of light on the roads below.

Headlights and taillights adorn every moving vehicle like sparkly jewels.

Shopfronts scream out their names in psychedelic neon lights, even if they are closed for the night.

Windows spill warm light out of homes, displaying the lives of the people who live there. Sometimes, a television flickers in the dark or a night lamp remains aglow and keeps the darkness at bay when everybody is fast asleep.

Out there in the distant fields where there are no streetlights or vehicles to pierce the night, no neighbour for miles around you, the stars shine with a little extra gleam. And the silvery light of the moon drenches even the darkest of shadows.

In the depths of the ocean that no light can breach, even jellyfish and corals know how to brighten their surroundings.

In such a world where there is no place for it to rest in peace, what else can darkness do but come and seek refuge inside of you?