tales for dreamers: dangers in the woods

What a beautiful part of the woods! What dangers could possibly lurk in here?

tales for dreamers: dangers in the woods
tales for dreamers: dangers in the woods

Don’t be fooled! The scenery is breathtaking but these are the most dangerous parts of the woods.

Travellers would do well to stay in groups. (In fact, they would do well to stay away from the woods altogether.)

But if you must travel, you must seek refuge in numbers, and although that does not guarantee safety, a lone traveller will almost never make it alive to the other side.

You could consider donning invisibility cloaks for protection, but they are rare to find and obtain, and if you do wear one, there are things in the woods that even magic cannot protect you from.

The woods are lush and green, but invisible creatures prowl among the trees hunting for fresh souls to prey upon.

The water is cool as ice and fresh as dew, but underwater beasts lurk just below the surface, tempting you to dip your feet in the water, where they wait, ready to yank you into bottomless depths.

The bridge offers the only escape from the woods.
But when it grows dark, it vanishes from right under your feet.
Even if you are only halfway through it.