tales for dreamers: festival of fools

Time to celebrate our inner fool!

tales for dreamers: festival of fools
tales for dreamers: festival of fools

Come, come, my friends, for today we celebrate our inner fools and imbeciles.

The reckless spirit that travels the world seeking the depths of her own heart.

The gullible lover who trusts you with his passions over and over again, for he has long lost count of the rusty nails you have driven through his soul.

The rebel, the renegade, foolish enough to risk her life for a future unknown.

The credulous soul who seeks out the innocence you have lost inside of you, for his world is a reflection of his own naïveté.

The daredevil, the foolhardy one, who throws caution to the wind and bares her subconscious to be trampled upon by the world in haste.

Oh, you fools!
When will you ever learn how wicked the ways of the world are?

Forgive us, m’dear, we are not wise, we know.
It is true the wise one knows only too well the perils of life and love.
But the fool simply lives and loves all the same.