tales for dreamers: going on the super slide

Is there only one way to play on a slide?

tales for dreamers: going on the super slide
tales for dreamers: going on the super slide

There is a huge line-up for the super slide.

The guard lets people in, three at a time, and hands them a sack each. When it’s their turn, they run up the stairs erected between the two long lines of metal railings.

Another guard at the top ensures they get into their sacks safely, and when they’re ready, they slide down with a whee and a whoop. And it is so much fun that they line up to do it all over again.

Sometimes, as soon as they reach the bottom, the little ones try to climb back up the slides. The guard at the bottom yells at them, as do the other grown-ups huddled there, waiting with phones in their hands to record videos of their own loved ones ready at the top, eager for their turn to slide down.

The little ones give up on their endeavour and get out of the way.

It’s a shame, for they were really on to something even if they themselves weren’t aware of it.

For you see, rumour has it that if you could climb up the super slide, it would take you all the way to the skies.