tales for dreamers: in search of winter
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tales for dreamers: in search of winter

You can always count on magic to coax anything - even erratic seasons - to do your bidding. But every magic brings with it unforeseen consequences ...
tales for dreamers: in search of winter
Image attribution: Expecting Winter by Erik Johansson

When summer overstayed his welcome and winter showed no sign of making an appearance (and oh! autumn had all but disappeared from the face of this part of the earth), the locals blamed it on global warming and other newfangled terms that the Old Folk insisted were never in existence in the good old days.

Granny was one of the Old Folk and although I don't believe everything they say, I do believe everything she says.

So when she said yes, climate and weather were rarely capricious back in those times, I believed her.

And when she also said that we could still use some age-old wisdom to tame the elements to do our bidding, if only temporarily, I believed that too.

She sent me back in time to search for the good winters.

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