tales for dreamers: into the maze

Navigating a maze is not for the faint-hearted, especially not one that shape-shifts.

tales for dreamers: into the maze
tales for dreamers: into the maze

Today, the maze is shaped like concentric triangles, with bridges strategically placed. Some to connect, some to divide.

You begin at the outside, and make your way in.

When you reach a dead end, as you surely will, simply retrace your steps to that familiar fork and go down the other path, the one you did not take the first time.

When you reach the centre of the maze, as you surely will, pause.

If nothing happens, you can make your way out just as easily as you entered in the first place.

Or you can choose to stay at the centre for as long as you can.

Occasionally, the maze will decide to burn all its bridges. Both the ones that connect, and the ones that divide.

Then you’ll be left with no choice but to take huge leaps of faith.