tales for dreamers: questions for the gods

Not all questions can be answered, and sometimes that can be a good thing.

tales for dreamers: questions for the gods
tales for dreamers: questions for the gods

I was full of questions in those days.

Questions about myself and the world around me.

Questions about my life and my purpose in this world of people, who too seemed to be full of questions about their own lives and their own purpose.

And no one seemed to have any answers, at least not the kind that wouldn’t spark off more questions and half-answers.

Also, not everyone seemed to be looking for answers in the first place, which made me wonder if they had unknowingly stumbled upon some secret of living well.

Finally, someone suggested said that if I could get up to the heavens, I could meet the gods and ask them all my questions and receive worthwhile answers.

I had nothing to lose.

And so I learnt how to fly, how to lift off from the earth and leap into the belly of the blue, blue skies.

And what I saw from there was so vast and so beautiful that I forgot all the questions I had collected for a lifetime.

And I started to create more beauty and joy instead.