tales for dreamers: revelations

What secrets are the clouds hiding in the blue skies this morning?

tales for dreamers: revelations
tales for dreamers: revelations

Look what secrets are pouring out of the sky this morning!

Something has ruffled the heavens.

Perhaps the restless stars stayed up all night, blinking and tinkling. And, when the morning sun came, they all scooted off, leaving behind newfound truths disguised as half-baked secrets and rumours in their wake.

Or maybe all the Gods convened in secret to discuss matters that could change both their world and ours. Only, they ended up getting into drunken brawls. But somehow, they had enough sense to flee before the morning light could reveal their presence to us. And all we see now is the confetti they left behind for the clouds to sweep away.

Or could it be that in the dark of the night, the trees reached out and drew their branches through the tresses of the sky, untangling all the invisible knots?

And now, whatever had lain asleep on the other side since the beginning of time, is finally beginning to wake up?