tales for dreamers: the gypsy with magic in her eyes

The gypsy will not only tell you your future but offer to alter it too. But magic always comes with a price. Are you willing to take the risk?

She is a gypsy, a wandering wild soul who has a camera for a second eye.

Oh yes, she can read you your fortune and tell you all that lies ahead. Not necessarily the truth, but that depends on how much you are willing to pay her, as is the case with most gypsies.

But she is special.

One fleeting glimpse at you through her little thingamajig, and your darkest fears and most shimmering dreams reveal themselves to her like sunbeams surfing on ocean waves.

You halt for an instant, she captures a moment of you in time, and your future unfurls itself at her feet. If she likes your expression in the snapshot, she will, if you’d like her to, make a cut here, a snip there, and alter your fate to your liking. That is her idea of fun and mischief for she is a princess of the wild.

If you let her look into your eyes for far too long, she will pluck out your soul, infuse it with some magic, and press it back into you. And she does all this in a very practiced sleight of hand, so you will wake up the next morning not knowing why your entire being appears to be so imbued with hope and optimism.

Sometimes she does things without being asked to.
If she thinks you will put your time on earth to good use, she will stretch your future a wee bit further than was granted to you.
If she is convinced otherwise, there is no telling what she would do.

But that is a risk you must be willing to take if you want her to meddle with your future.