that is all we need...

A child's observation on how much we really need in life ...

that is all we need...
Photo by Brooke Campbell on Unsplash

We were at IKEA earlier this morning, looking for storage solutions that would empower little D to keep his (seemingly innumerable and ever-growing pile of) things in order.

We sauntered into one of those demo-apartments that IKEA has, those beautifully dressed up spaces ranging from 100—600 sq ft demonstrating how to make the most of small living spaces.

I was feeling terribly nostalgic for the olden days of KrA and I living in a 1-bed apartment, even though memory tells me that in those spaces too I was always seeking an escape, falsely believing that a better life lay somewhere else.

Anyhoo, we were showing D around one of the IKEA showroom flats. Here's the living area. Here's the kitchen. Here's a big bedroom. There a children's bedroom. And the bathroom.

And he said, "That is all we need to live."

So true.

Even now, as we live in a condo townhouse, occasionally toying with the dream of owning our very own detached, independent place, comes the realization of how futile that dream is, how it's not truly what we want but what looks pretty to us from the outside because culture has told us it is so.

What we truly want, what I truly want, is to simply savour this moment, knowing I have everything I need, and that I can catch myself when I tend to fall into a negative thought spiral and choose a different course of action, a different way of thought, a different manner of being.

I do have everything I need to live.

I already have everything I need to live an amazing life.