the colour thief

the colour thief
the colour thief | Photo by Sitanshu Sinha (Black Pearl Photography)

Hey fire-breather, my arm’s length lover
I’ve danced around you in ecstasy for a billion years,
Never straying too far
Nor getting any closer

All day long you cast on me your roving eye
Come twilight
You rob me off all my colours
And splash them on to the sunset sky

When dusk gathers at the horizon
You escape into your temporary grave
Robber by day, fugitive by night
(What an unusual thief you are!)

But when you are gone, all I see in myself
Is an unfathomable blackness
I could be a rock or a ravine, there’s no way to tell
There is only an empty nothingness

Until you pull away the sable blanket
And say peekaboo
You spill your light on me, I blush in polychrome
And I wake up beautiful once more.