the dance within

the dance within
the dance within

At the sight of you
My heart leaps like a splash of raindrop on a roadside puddle

Dances like frail flowers tenderly bobbing their pretty heads
when the wind whispers sweet nothings in their ears

In your presence, I am a maiden twirling around to an invisible melody
My billowing skirt sings a song to every blade of grass that kisses my feet

Like the waves of the sea, cresting from afar for a momentary glimpse of you,
Rising and falling, again and again, I surrender myself at your shore

An incense stick, so full of aroma, pregnant with promise
I am eager to be lit by the flame of your love
Into delicate wisps of smoke I will thus be transformed
So I can lose fragments of myself all around you
And gently move into your being like a soft, alluring fragrance