the gift of life

A narrow escape and a reminder of what a precious and miraculous gift to me this life of mine is! Now to go and live and taste and smell its bounty fully!

the gift of life
Photo by Matthew Fournier on Unsplash

D and I narrowly escaped colliding into a truck this morning on the way to school.

I was in the slow lane, the one closest to the exit, which was only 1.5 km away. But traffic had stalled on that lane because of many vehicles merging into the highway from the ramp just ahead of where I was.

When I got a chance, I switched into the lane to my left. I had paid attention and switched lanes only when there was no car coming up on that lane.

But as soon as I got into that lane, I heard a large truck come to a screeching halt right beside me. I continued on my way luckily, but when I looked in the rear-view mirror, it was evident that the truck had been two lanes away from me and had also been trying to switch lanes to the same spot I had been eyeing.

I thank my stars that the truck driver noticed what I had failed to see and applied his brakes in the nick of time.

Otherwise I might not have lived to tell the tale.

I take our lucky escape as a sign that the Universe has my back! That all my efforts at being a careful and attentive driver are being rewarded in the form of safety when I accidentally let my guard slip.

Thank you, Universe!

Thank you for giving me the gift of life!

You have my back! In your care, I have no fear of anything, anymore! ❤️

In your protection, I lack nothing. My life is for me to show up and act and learn and grow. There is nothing to fear. Nothing is a mistake.

Thank you, Universe, for loving me so much! 💕