(day 21): a rest day

Indulging in much-needed rest

(day 21): a rest day
Photo by Sarah Ball on Unsplash

It's only 1 PM, and I'm already done for the day.

There's a strange kind of fatigue, the kind that tends to set in towards the end of a work/school-week.

I attended to some more publishing-related matters this morning, did the laundry, went for a walk, had lunch (yummy fried rice that KrA cooked), then put together some veggies for dinner.

And now I'm all ready to shut down my computer, then curl up to read, maybe indulge in a short nap, before heading to pick up D from school.

Some days are like this. I can't even think on days like these.

And then there are days when I can work non-stop and wish there were no interruptions in the form of real-life demands.

All part of life. Just like the tiny piece of broccoli I found in D's shirt pocket after I had pulled it out of the washing machine and was hanging it to dry!