an announcement ... of an arrival ... of the sort not usually seen around these parts

an announcement ... of an arrival ... of the sort not usually seen around these parts

In an alternate version of reality, 2016 thus far would have panned out the way I had envisaged last November (or so I’d like to believe). More than twenty new Friday Tales for Demesne would have popped up on the blog so far this year. A first draft of a novel would have taken shape by last month.

In the current version of reality, however, there exists part of a first draft of a fantasy novel, about 30,000 words that were written into existence in January. Their fate remains undecided.

There also exists a first draft of a novella, or novelette perhaps; it has about 20,000 words, so it will shapeshift based on how the edits go, though a more pertinent question at present is when the edits are likely to happen.

Taking stock of all this, I suppose I could tell myself that 2016 hasn’t been all that godawful a year writing-wise. But whom am I kidding? I could certainly have written a whole lot more, and I didn’t, so that’s that. On another occasion this would have vexed me immensely. But something’s different this time.

For what I have now is also a precious little baby boy in my arms. D, my personal bundle of precious magic arrived exactly a month ago, after several months of great uncertainty (which mostly explains my silence on the site thus far).

I was due on June 25th, I was secretly hoping D would arrive on the 21st, the day of the solstice, but he waltzed into our lives on the 20th. But turns out the summer/winter solstice fell on June 20 this year, so D is indeed a solstitial child.

I am drowning in sleepless nights of course, but apart from parenting duties, I spend most of my time these days on a sleep-deprived high, looking at this new tiny being and feeling incredibly fortunate to have him and KrA in my life.

This has so far been and is continuing to be a period of intense introspection and personal transformation. When I look at this tiny being, this new person, I am filled with a profound desire to become a far better version of myself, to live a good life filled with bliss and equanimity, and to ensure that D has an atmosphere conducive enough to express himself fearlessly, nurture an unfettered curiosity, and be free and able to choose the kind of life that would make him happy.

I think I have just set out on the best and most challenging spiritual journey of my life thus far.

And I think D is really going to like it here!