happy birthday to me! and three wishes!

I am really excited about my birthday this year! The day was spent in furnishing a new place we are moving to next weekend. And somehow this 'paving the way for the new' looks set to be the theme for my writing this year.

There are 3 major projects I intend to complete before 2016 comes to a wrap.

~ I want to revive the Friday Tales for Demesne in mid-December after my school semester comes to an end. This project started in a different shape and form back in February 2013, and has been pretty intermittent ever since. But it is dear to my heart, hence the plans for yet another resurrection. So watch out for the weekly tales on this page. Coming soon!

~ While I was not posting on the blog, I had been working on a #100dayproject, writing short verses and using the awesome graphics tool #Notegraphy to lend visual beauty to my words. The project has already gone on for longer than 100 days, and I am on Day 72 or 73 at the moment. But I do intend to complete it soon, and when that is done, I hope to publish a little collection of selected stories and verses from The Dream Pedlar. I will soon post the poems on this page but in the meantime you can follow the project on my FaceBook page https://www.facebook.com/DreamPedlar/

~ And finally, I have started to work on a longer piece. A novel, from the looks of it. I have much of the initial plot nailed down, but there is still a lot of searching and exploring that the main character has to endure. I am hoping to complete the first draft of my novel before June comes knocking at my door.

So there. I've made my wishes out loud. I don't know if that jinxes them, or if that entrenches them firmer in my subconscious.

But I am a happy person this birthday for the journey I have covered so far, and for the promise of more exciting writing times to come. I am indeed lucky to be able to pursue this divine passion. Love you all for supporting The Dream Pedlar.