March Medley: Monthly Missives from The Dream Pedlar

In which I tell you a little about my childhood in India, tales of adventure and excitement, of joy and carefreeness ...

March Medley: Monthly Missives from The Dream Pedlar
a picture of idyll

Hello, Dreamer!

Whether it's to do with all the wonderful sunshine we've been getting here offlate, or because the robins are back and trilling most magnificently,

or because a sci-fi movie won the Best Picture award and Naatu Naatu was judged the best song at the Oscars this year,

or because I've just found my new favourite fictional protagonist,

or because I'm no longer on social media and this place here,, is my only abode on the world wide web for all time to come,

March has certainly brought back a smile to my face that the darker, shorter days of winter seemed to have stolen!

the most important thing I learnt by quitting social media
... what I had been seeking in that non-stop flow of images and videos and boxes of text on the screen was a salve for my loneliness.