tales for dreamers: memory exchange

You are permitted to share your memories at the Memory Junction. Which ones will you reveal? Which ones will you conceal?

tales for dreamers: memory exchange
tales for dreamers: memory exchange

You can trade in your memories for different ones at the Memory Junction.

There’s no ‘old-for-new’ exchange here, because all memories are old. And the older they get, the heavier they become. The more memories you have, the more onerous they become.

Fear not, for you have come to the right place for what ails you. Heartbreak. Nostalgia. Grief. Pour your memories of all those feelings into a large bowl, and wait.

Wait for someone to approach you and inquire what your bowl holds. Invite them to take a peek.

Maybe your memory of heartbreak might help them come to terms with theirs.

Perhaps the story of your grief might help them make sense of theirs.

Wait for more inquisitive ones to approach you, and share your memories with them.

It may take a day. Or a week. An entire year, perhaps.

But eventually the bowl in your hand will feel lighter. Each memory becomes less threatening, less worrisome somehow, the more you share it, the more you put it to good use.

One day, your bowl will disappear. And you will know you are ready.

For now comes your turn to visit the others who may be standing there, holding their own bowls of heavy memories, waiting for someone to share their burden and ease their pain.

You know what you need to do. It is a fair exchange, after all.