KrA and the joys of fatherhood

D is two days away from turning a year old. And this year, in addition to showing us how to love and live with a whole new tiny human being in our lives, has also been replete with the delight of re-discovering KrA, in his new avatar as a father, and feeling a whole lot of love for him and being much loved in return.

On this Father's Day, here's to the guy who has mastered the art of ironing his shirt every morning while simultaneously looking after D so that I can have my breakfast and morning coffee (prepared by him) in peace after having caught up on sleep.

The guy who takes D out every morning to watch pigeons and squirrels and buses and trucks.

The guy who clips D's fingernails and gives him his bath and combs his hair. And changes his diapers.

The guy who reads stories to D. I may be the writer in the family but when it comes to books, D grabs a bunch and makes a beeline for KrA.

The guy who takes the time to stand and stare alongside D.

The guy who makes it a beautiful journey.

The guy who also kept surprising me over and over again with his culinary skills this past year. D takes after KrA in his interest in trying out new foods.

As for me, I write.
I read.
I take pictures.
I look after D when KrA is not around. And also at night! (I must give and take credit where it is due.)
More often, I moan about how difficult parenthood is.
Oh, I also do the laundry. Over the weekends. I don't have enough time to do anything else.