(day 30): one month in

Taking stock of how I've fared in the challenge one month in, and resetting goals for May

(day 30): one month in
Photo by CHIRAG K on Unsplash

Today marks the completion of one month of my participation in the writing challenge that Dean Wesley Smith initiated in mid-March for commencement on 1 April.

I've been blogging daily for the past 43 days, since March 19th! That post was titled "there's no equation to be solved; it is all a mystery".

That day I was still in two minds about signing up for the challenge. One month in, I feel very differently.

For one thing, I've been blogging every day and that has been a process of inner discovery for me.

I'm changing gears to writing fiction daily for the month of May. (I won't be posting those works here.) Let's see how that pans out.

Maybe I'll be successful. Maybe I'll be disappointed. But I'll learn something about what it takes to write fiction consistently, what I can do to set myself up for success, and, in fact, find out what the best definition of success is for me.

Which means I won't be coming here to blog daily, at least not in May, as I don't wish to keep relying on these posts to boost my word count total.

But I will try and make it a point to write deliciously long essays on my creative journey and post them here on Sundays.

A weekly check-in of sorts, and a deep dive in to the jewels of wisdom I keep coming across (and forgetting as well) on this journey of writing and longing to make a living writing fiction.

Until next Sunday then! Au revoir!