tales for dreamers: slow down

Some unwarranted but useful tips on making time slow down for you.

tales for dreamers: slow down
tales for dreamers: slow down

Slow down.

Children do play here. Even though you may not always see them as you pass by.

Occasionally, you might get lucky and they may invite you to join them.

If and when they do, please do not walk away making excuses about lack of time or errands to run or other grown-up things to attend to.


Make time to play. Especially with the little ones.

They know a thing or two about all the good stuff you’ve forgotten. Magic. Happiness. Joy. Carefreeness.

All they ask is for your presence. Your undivided attention.

You may worry it'll take up too much of your time. But, I promise, if you really put your heart into playing with them, time will slow down for you too.